Bank Transfer

This method of purchasing AGX/AUX requires that you have an existing LODE wallet and have completed the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. For more information on these steps please see our Creating a LODE wallet and Completing KYC support documents.

Step 1.
Sign into your
LODE wallet at

Step 2.
Select “Buy” from the left-hand-side menu

Step 3.
Select AGX or AUX from the pop-up menu


Step 4.
Select “Bank Transfer” from the menu

Step 5.
Enter the amount of AGX or AUX you wish to purchase

(minimum is 3,000)


Step 6.
“Review Order” 

Step 7.
Once ready, select “Confirm”


After confirming your purchase, you will be emailed bank transfer info to present to your bank. Once the transfer is received, your LODE wallet account will receive your assets.