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LODE Tokens entitle investors
to a share of all profit distributions.

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What are
LODE Tokens?

LODE Tokens represent a contribution supporting the LODE Project. They are a key component of LODE’s modern, global monetary system. Enjoy regular micro-rewards that increase in value as the system grows. Be a part of a community leading a sound money revolution.

How The LODE Token Works

Key Benefits

LODE Tokens offer their holders a wealth
of rewards and opportunities.


Receive micro-rewards quarterly in the form of AGX Coins.

The payouts will be distributed proportionately between all LODE Token holders based on the number of tokens they possess. Holders can use these rewards to buy everyday items, save for the future, or further invest in the project.

LODE Token holders receive a proportional share of 10% of the premium charged on the sale of new AGX and AUX Coins, as well as, any profits that the LODE Project may distribute.

As the system grows globally, so do your potential rewards.


Industry Leaders
in Compliance

Transparency and legitimacy are core pillars of the LODE Project.

Pillar 1

LODE contracts with vaulting partners worldwide. Contributed investment-grade bullion will be made transparent and verifiable to all LODE Token Holders at all times.

Pillar 2

The accountability architecture for the LODE System is built utilizing the latest in blockchain technology and is designed to provide the maximum level of transparency, accountability, security, and speed.

Pillar 3

In collaboration with a global legal team, LODE has developed a corporate strategy and structure that supports regulatory compliance for the project in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Pillar 4

The LODE Project has worked with regulators, lawyers, industry expert partners, financial institutions, and various other stakeholders around the globe to determine the best practices for blockchain technologies and accepted regulatory frameworks.

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LODE Token Terms

Explore the LODE Token Terms and Conditions of Service for all the details.

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