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Digital Silver and Gold

What is the
LODE Wallet?

The LODE Wallet is a portal to a world of financial tools built on blockchain technology that can help you seamlessly transition into the future of money.

It is far more than just a wallet. With direct access to your money, 100% backed by silver and gold, the LODE Wallet is the only system that allows you to hedge against inflation and provide you with true control over your assets.

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Key Benefits


Manage your portfolio in a custodial or non-custodial environment; the choice is yours. Take full responsibility of your assets and enjoy the privacy that a non-custodial wallet offers. Alternatively, gain the added security of Prime Trust with a custodial wallet.


The LODE Wallet offers easy access to digital silver and gold at the best possible rates. It is a convenient and cost-efficient way to spend, send, save and trade AGX and AUX Coins. All you need is access to the Internet to discover the world of opportunities the LODE Wallet offers.


Take advantage of the growing digital economy by trading your favorite cryptos and retaining your profits in stable currencies. Use AGX and AUX Coins to instantly buy groceries, shop online marketplaces, send international remittances, and more.


LODE Card Program

Use your digital silver and gold as money with LODE’s debit and credit card program. Make payments with AGX and AUX Coins, earn rewards as you spend, and enjoy the freedom to withdraw digital assets in the currency of your choice.