Silver Grams Confirmed: 17.18 Million Grams      :       Silver Grams Pending:   18.1 Million Grams         :        Total Silver Grams:  35.28 Million Grams      :       Current Exchange Rate:  3.7 grams of silver per each LODE Coin      :      Members:   2,910      :       STATUS: Phase 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 – CLOSED      :       Phase 3.0 :  ACTIVE

LODE is constructing the world’s first Cryptographic Silver Monetary System utilizing a revolutionary blockchain protocol to enable the creation and distribution of two tokenized assets, each representing a unique relationship with investment-grade silver.


The emergence of distributed ledger technology inspires us to imagine a new paradigm, one in which silver is restored to the economic system and used as a utility to settle trade and commerce or for speculation. LODE is constructing two cryptographic assets, each representing a unique relationship to silver bullion. These assets will be authentic, transparent and immutable to all LODE stakeholders, and members.


Borderless. Fast. Secure. Digital


LODE Coin represents a stake in the LODE Monetary System and a right to rewards proportionate to the margins earned on AGX Coin distributions, and to the rate of AGX Coin adoption.

LODE Coins may also be exchanged for other cryptographic assets or fiat currency.


Each AGX Coin represents a one (1) gram weight and measure of vaulted and verifiable silver bullion. AGX Coins may be exchanged with affiliated precious metals dealers for silver or gold bullion products, or for commerce.

AGX Coins may also be exchanged for other cryptographic assets or fiat currency.


Secured by Silver. Powered by Blockchain!

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For Cryptographic Silver Money


Individuals can insure savings and protect purchasing power by holding AGX Coins in your own private wallet, secure in the fact that each AGX Coin is tethered to a verifiable one (1) gram weight of reserved silver bullion, and confident that AGX Coins may be exchanged at any point, and from virtually anywhere, for physical silver and gold products with affiliated LODE bullion dealers (subject to the vendor’s terms and conditions).

Insure Savings &
Protect Purchasing Power!


Industrial users of silver may seek to buy, exchange, or earn AGX Coins as a means to expand their hedging operations, or to secure future supplies of silver for industrial application, or to speculate upon future silver prices.

Guarantee Future Supply


Operators may conduct reciprocal trading for AGX Coins by offering their member inventories (scrip, due bills, etc.) within the LODE Marketplace, and provide their local members with new sales opportunities and new customers! When successful, exchange operators can exchange their AGX Coin balances for physical silver and other products, and enable themselves or other members to spend down and profit with sound money!

Reciprocate and Exchange
for Sound Money


Traders and fund managers of cryptographic currencies and blockchain assets can position into AGX Coin as a means to stabilize and diversify their portfolios, insulate profits, or hedge against volatility.

Hedge Against Volatilty
or Book Profits!


Small business owners, manufacturers, professionals, and retailers can discover new customers by offering products and services within the LODE Marketplace and accepting AGX Coins from other members seeking value. AGX Coins may allow a merchant to protect their purchasing power from depreciating fiat currency, or recover losses on idle inventory, or more easily afford business expenditures offered by other merchants aggressively seeking AGX Coins.

Find New Customers
& Protect Cashflow


Investors in Silver Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) and mining equities may discover that AGX Coin positions provide greater security and far more flexibility. Blockchain enabled AGX Coins are controlled exclusively by their owners with encryption keys, and can be liquidated at any time, and from anywhere, for silver and gold bullion products via affiliated LODE dealers (subject to the vendor’s terms and conditions). Additionally, AGX Coins may be converted to other assets like Bitcoin, or fiat currency, or they may be exchanged for value with an AGX friendly merchant.

Greater Flexibility &
Superior Security!


Precious metal dealers and retailers can align with LODE and discover new customers by enabling their stores and websites to accept AGX Coins. Dealers can then hold their AGX Coin balances and deploy them on future ‘street’ purchases (buybacks), or ‘call’ for silver bullion from the LODE Reserve at wholesale pricing.

Discover New Customers &
Book Profits in Silver!


Silver bullion investors may exchange their physical coins and bars for AGX Coins and tap its purchasing-power among AGX friendly merchants and retailers seeking sound silver settlement. Additionally, AGX Coins can be deposited with a crypto-currency exchange operator and converted into other digital assets like Bitcoin, and allow silver ‘stackers’ to seamlessly position into the cryptographic investment space.

Superior Purchasing Power &
Cryptographic Flexibility


Public and private silver mining companies may deliver silver into the LODE System for AGX coins, and then exchange their AGX Coins within the LODE Marketplace to enhance purchasing power with AGX friendly merchants or utilize their AGX Coins to reward employees and/or vendors.

Exchange your Metal
for Sound Money!

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