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LODE is building the world’s first Cryptographic Silver Money Ecosystem utilizing blockchain architecture that will enable the creation and distribution of two "tokenized" assets, each representing a unique relationship to physical silver bullion.




Introducing Silver Money A New Paradigm


The emergence of blockchain technology inspires us to imagine a new paradigm, one where silver is restored to the economic system and used by millions as a valuable utility to settle trade and commerce.

Today, blockchain architecture is incubating innovative new business models, and many experts believe that the technology will empower new monetary systems, and perhaps even disrupt the usurious money employed and mandated by todays centralized institutions





The first asset, LODE Coin, will provide the silver contributing member an ownership stake in the LODE Ecosystem, and a right to rewards as the project grows.  Register today and click on the Members Section to learn more.


The second asset, AGX Coin, will represent an actual gram weight of vaulted and verifiable LODE silver held in reserve, and provide the holder, the freedom to use AGX Coins by simply transferring them onto a Credit/Debit card enabled Digital Wallet which will enable them to be used at millions of affiliated merchants worldwide.



Why the name LODE?

The MOTHER-LODE is a principal vein or zone of veins of gold or silver ore. The term is also used colloquially to refer to the origin of something valuable or in great abundance.


"Putting idle silver to work one gram at a time"




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LODE, A Cryptographic Silver SECURED Money System.





Contributing members may wish to maintain a relationship with silver bullion by holding one or both LODE Community cryptographic assets.

The first asset, LODE Coin, provides a revolutionary opportunity for owners of investment-grade silver bullion to leverage their holdings and exchange real silver for a valuable stake in the LODE Project.

LODE Coin owners will receive rewards as the LODE Interfix Ecosystem mines and then monetizes more and more silver bullion into the existing vaulted reserves, all at a margin to the retail price for investment-grade silver bullion.

Rewards are known as AGX Pay and will flow to LODE stakeholders in the form of AGX Coins, if and when, the marginal silver exceeds the number of grams required to secure each and every AGX Coin in circulation.

AGX Coins may be used to transact for value when loaded onto a credit/debit card enabled digital wallet and then spent at millions of credit/debit affiliated participating merchants worldwide. AGX Coins are a digital asset and, as such, may be traded or exchanged on authorized affiliate crypto-exchanges for value.

Forward-looking statement. Members must use discernment. See Disclaimer Section.

Over time, the LODE Coin exchange-rate will increase and it will require much more silver to acquire a LODE Coin if the LODE Community has any to issue. The LODE System utilizes a “scarcity-rule” and a “discipline-by-ratio” model for the LODE Coin creation events. See LODE White Paper.

White Paper Release Date: Feb 28, 2018

The second asset, AGX Coin, will provide a high speed, low–cost, private and convenient way for AGX Coin holders to load value onto a credit/debit card enabled digital wallet or allow transfers anywhere in the world wallet-to-wallet, person-to-person or be used to trade on an affiliate crypto-exchange for value or even redeemed, when necessary, back into real physical silver.

Individuals, merchants, miners and industrial users may purchase and exchange AGX Coins knowing that every AGX Coin represents a direct claim upon a one (1) gram weight and measure of the vaulted and verifiable LODE silver held in reserve, and that it may be redeemed for physical silver or gold bullion products via the LODE Bullion Dealer Alliance (subject to the Dealers Terms and Conditions) at any time, and from virtually anywhere in the world.

Just like other cryptographic assets, both LODE and AGX Coins will only flow in and out of private wallets when enabled by the encryption keys of the owner, without limits or restrictions, and with verifiable and immutable receipts forever recorded on the blockchain. See LODE White Paper.


Register with LODE Community now!

  1. Click REGISTER to create a user name and password.
  2. Receive an activation email and access your LODE profile.
  3. Complete your profile.
  4. Select BUY or DELIVER to contribute silver to the vault.
  5. Receive an email from Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) to complete bullion transaction.


If you are a finance professional, fund manager, silver speculator, silver enthusiast, merchant, miner or entrepreneur, you are invited to consider the information presented in this website and learn more about a system that synchronizes blockchain technology with the sound properties of investment-grade silver to create an exciting new form of asset-secured money. The LODE Cryptographic Silver Money Ecosystem is a game-changer… it's disruptive.

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