One Card,
One Currency.

Powered by LODE’s Digital Silver

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One Card,
One Currency.

Powered by LODE’s Digital Silver

Digital Silver
Meets Payments


The LODE Card is a unique card program that enables digital silver –  AGX Coins to pay any merchant worldwide where credit or debit cards  are accepted. 

The LODE Card empowers you to spend your digital silver money at the point of purchase – just like cash. 

with Confidence


The stability of silver provides superior control of your purchasing power. The LODE Card utilizes your AGX Coins to pay merchants in their local currency at the time of purchase.

The LODE Card Benefits

Transact with Millions of Merchants

Spend digital silver – AGX Coins anywhere the LODE Card  is accepted. Utilize the stability of the world’s oldest form of money for payments.

No Annual Fee

Unlike other cards that charge annual fees and high interest rates on outstanding balances, the LODE Card eliminates fees and interest charges.


The LODE Card will feature an attractive rewards program that will pay out in digital silver – AGX Coins.


Transact seamlessly in USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, MXN and 9 other currencies with anyone, anytime, anywhere in 166 countries worldwide.

Instant Conversion

AGX Coins are instantly converted at the time of purchase to local currency at the point of sale and for payments online.


Virtual and physical cards on the same account. One account for payments, remittance, and sharing with family or employees.

Digital Silver Forged
from the Earth

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