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Survive the Avalanche!

Protect yourself from the current volatility and uncertainty sliding through the crypto market with LODE! 

LODE’s 100% precious metals-backed assets offer a stable hedge against inflation, and the best part is you retain full control over your money!

Buy 25 LODE Tokens and receive 10 FREE AGX Coins (digital silver)! Fill out this form to claim your FREE AGX Coins.

Why Invest in LODE Now?


LODE is the Avalanche network’s native digital silver and gold money system. LODE’s token ecosystem is designed to protect your wealth from devaluation and inflation! Enjoy regular micro-rewards that increase in value as the system grows. Be a part of a community leading a sound money revolution.

LODE is now listed on Trader Joe and Pangolin, offering attractive opportunities to earn yield in precious metals.

Having capitalized on significant forward momentum in the market, prices are likely to accelerate – at a chilling rate.

A Peak Above the Rest

The benefits of AGX Coins (digital silver)
and AUX Coins (digital gold)

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