The World’s First Web3 Silver Stream:
Silver Stream Tokens (SSTs)

Participate in a modern silver stream that may shape the future of sound money.

Qualified participants please express your intention to purchase SSTs.

What are


SSTs offer participants an opportunity to gain a stake in a sustainable silver stream that supports the development of LODE’s sound money system. SST Holders will join a community of like-minded individuals who share enthusiasm for the value silver and gold production brings to LODE mining operations and understand how necessary precious metals are in the creation of modern honest money of the future.

Participants will directly support LODE’s world-class refining procedures, impressive distribution network of mine material processors and refining partners with a combined operations of over 50 years.  SST Holders assume an active role in restoring silver and gold to their historic prominence as sound money of the people, making tokenized precious metals efficient, affordable and accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime worldwide.

SSTs represent the world’s first Web3 silver stream. LODE’s unique silver stream was developed with leading-edge blockchain technology that ensures both the assets and rewards are decentralized, automated, and autonomous.



SSTs are a way to participate in ore processing and refining to facilitate efficient production of high-grade precious metals at a lower cost than spot. SST Holders are participating in inventory financing and will not hold equity or ownership interest in the LODE Platform. The silver and gold will be sold to LODE (Switzerland) AG or to the open market. Each batch of ore processed will result in an immediate payment that includes a time-based interest rate and a profit participation share. It is anticipated that each batch of ore will take 4-6 weeks to process, resulting in a steady stream of distributions in the form of AGX Coins. 

The predictable costs associated with silver streaming reduce operational risk, offer stability through a tokenized agreement, and translate into significant value creation for SST Holders.


Silver Stream Token:
7 million tokens

Token Type:
Web3 Utility Token

Fund mining operations, refineries, general operations, legal, and administrative processes.

Initial Issuance:


SST Holders as a group will receive regular distributions equal to 12% annual interest rate plus 10% of the gross profits, paid pro rata at the end of each batch of ore that is processed. Payments will be made in AGX Coins.


*Distributions are based on smelter/refiner outputs. If production drops for any reason (e.g. an Act of God, labor strike, weather, embargoes, cartel, competition, etc.), the distributions adjust accordingly, either increasing or decreasing.

How it Works

Distributions Per Cycle


  1. LODE acquires and concentrates raw materials.
  2. Raw materials are refined into investment-grade silver and gold.
  3. LODE (Switzerland) AG sells silver and gold to clients.
  4. 10% of gross proceeds and the prorata fixed rate are tokenized into AGX Coins.
  5. Payments are issued to SST Holders.

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Qualified participants please express your intention to purchase SSTs.

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