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The World’s First Web3 Silver Stream:
Silver Stream Tokens (SSTs)

This is an opportunity to participate in a modern silver stream
that shapes the future of sound money.

Qualified or Accredited Investors only.

What are


SSTs offer participants an opportunity to gain a stake in a silver stream that supports the development of LODE’s sound money system. Participants will join a community of like-minded individuals who share enthusiasm for the value that silver and gold production will bring to LODE’s streaming operation. Precious metals are an essential part of the future of the global community. They will help position LODE’s bullion operations in restoring sound money to the world.

Participants will directly support LODE’s ore processing, refining partners and distribution network who collectively possess over 50 years of operations experience.

SST Participants have an active role in restoring silver and gold to their historic prominence as the sound money of the people, making tokenized precious metals efficient, affordable and accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime worldwide.



Silver streaming allows LODE to offer upfront capital to partner mines in exchange for an agreed-upon portion of the mine’s future silver production. The mines benefit by having their production costs offset, and extraction and refining processes streamlined. LODE benefits by gaining access to silver at a price well below spot.

The costs associated with silver streaming reduce operational risk, offer stability through a tokenized agreement, and translate into value creation for LODE Stakeholders.


Silver Stream Token:
7 million tokens

Token Type:
Web3 Utility Token

Fund mining operations, refineries, general operations, legal, and administrative processes.

Initial Issuance:


Price appreciation and 1% of mining production distributed as royalties* to SST Participants in the form of AGX Coins.

*Royalties are based on smelter/refiner outputs. If production drops for any reason (an act of god, labor strike, weather, country or political affairs, competition, etc.), the royalty payments adjust accordingly.

How it Works

Distributions Per Cycle


  1. LODE acquires material and creates concentrates from raw materials.
  2. Raw materials are refined into investment-grade silver and gold.
  3. LODE (Switzerland) AG sells silver and gold to clients.
  4. 10% of the gross profits above and beyond the 12% produced by LODE. Both the preferred return and the profit sharing will be paid together in the form of AGX Coins.
  5. Payments are issued to SST Participants.

Ready to get started with Silver Stream Tokens?

Qualified or Accredited
Investors only.

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