What is The BullPen?


The BullPen offers a revolutionary way to buy and hold physical bullion digitally for less cost than traditional methods. It is designed to provide peer-to-peer trading access to fully allocated, securely vaulted, and insured silver and gold bullion in the form of an NFT.

Centered on LODE’s physical bullion supply of silver and gold, Bullpen offers banks, institutional investors, investment funds, and other financial bodies an attractive digital alternative to traditional paper bullion markets.


BullPen serves a unique purpose and is strategically designed to incorporate key aspects and hold specific precious metal products.


NFTs can be sent to new holders in seconds


Transactions settle in six seconds or less

100% Backed

Holders can redeem for physical metal or AGX and AUX Coins

Silver product types: 1,000 oz bars

Gold product types: 1 kilogram bars

Low Cost

Acquire for 3-5% over spot

Transaction cost: 0.10001 AVAX

Zero vaulting fees