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LODE restores physical gold and silver as money,
to protect your wealth and build a more honest economy.


The world’s
most stable
crypto wallet.


Don’t break
even, break


The Amazon of Gold and Silver.


Global Community
of financial freedom


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wealth one
ounce at
a time.

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Restoring real value
to your wealth.

LODE is a collective of industry experts
determined to build a more inclusive and fair
global financial system. The comprehensive
platform lets anyone send, spend, and pay
with gold and silver seamlessly.

By adapting precious metals for our
digital economy, LODE is helping
everyone reach financial freedom.

A new paradigm built on the old


Active Members
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Find out how LODE is making the future of money a reality.

How you can participate.

Buy digital gold and
silver-backed stablecoins:
AGX & AUX Coins

Secure your stake
in the project with
LODE Tokens

Manage, send, and
receive AGX & AUX from the LODE Mobile app

Vault your precious
metals with LODE

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stable money.

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gold and silver from the palm of
your hand.

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break free.

Get paid in stablecoins or fiat.
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