The LODE Association is a community of silver investors and sound money advocates with a common vision to cause the creation of a Centrally Organized Distributed Entity (CODE) that will organize, arrange, manage and provide oversight for two unique cryptographic representations of reserved and vaulted silver bullion. 


The LODE Association is not currently a legal entity of any kind, and neither volunteers, facilitators, coordinators, nor arms-length vendors or contractors can advise on the status of the CODE worldwide and/or any prohibitions, if any, in any jurisdiction, now or in the future. Pledges and contributions are not deemed investments or value exchanges of any kind. Prospective pledgers, contributors, stakeholders and/or owners of encrypted token products must draw their own conclusions, relying on legal or lawful advice where appropriate and at their own expense. LODE community organizers are not qualified or available to offer legal or lawful advice. If the LODE causes a Centrally Organized Distributed Entity to be established, it will be for the community benefit and the LODE will collectively manage the undertaking. Each pledger, contributor, and stakeholder is responsible for all actions individually.




Every AGX Coin in circulation represents a one (1) gram weight and measure of the vaulted and verifiable LODE silver bullion held in reserve, providing the holders with a valuable utility for commerce within the affiliate Merchant Network.

AGX Coins may be redeemed in 31.10 gram (one ounce) denominations for physical, investment-grade silver and gold bullion products at any time, and from virtually anywhere via affiliate LODE Bullion Dealers or at LODE.One.

The AGX Coin exchange-rate will be posted in real-time, and in multiple fiat and other popular cryptocurrencies, to provide a baseline for users and merchants who choose to settle commerce with their AGX Coins.

Transmissions between users and merchants are confirmed within seconds, at minimal cost, and with all parties assured of a verifiable and immutable transaction receipt on the blockchain.  AGX Coins are Cryptographic. Silver. Money.




Merchants and small business owners can activate a free wallet and easily accept AGX Coin payments from Community members seeking to purchase goods and services.

Every AGX Coin transmission is verified within seconds, at minimal cost, and leaves a verifiable and immutable transaction receipt on the blockchain.

Additionally, merchants can be confident that their AGX Coin holdings are 100% secured by the LODE silver reserves, and may exchange their digital assets for investment-grade silver and gold bullion at any time, and from virtually anywhere, via affiliated Bullion Dealers.

AGX Coins also may be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin through authorized exchange dealers.

AGX Coins may provide merchants, small business owners, and entrepreneurs with confidence and security, as well as means to protect wealth and guard against depreciating fiat currency.




Public and private silver mining companies are invited to load doré grade silver into the LODE/AGX System in exchange for AGX Coins as a means to speculate on future physical Silver bullion requirements and/or to enhance purchasing-power with the Merchant Network. AGX Coins may flow between miners and vendors, or may be utilized as a form of payment for employees and contractors.

Every AGX Coin represents a one (1) gram weight and measure of the vaulted and verifiable vaulted LODE silver held in reserve, and may be redeemed at any time, and from virtually anywhere, for physical investment-grade silver and gold bullion via affiliate LODE Bullion Dealers.




Industrial users of silver also may wish to maintain a LODE Coin relationship and buy, exchange, or earn AGX Coins to secure future supplies of industrial silver, or to lock-in a future claim upon investment-grade silver bullion.

Modern-day industrial uses for silver range from electrical switches and solar panels to chemical-producing catalysts - silver is an essential component in many industries. Its unique properties make it nearly impossible to substitute and its uses span a wide range of applications. Almost every computer, mobile phone, automobile (gas and electric) and appliance contains silver. It is the perfect substance for coating electrical contacts – like those in printed circuit boards – because of its high electrical conductivity and durability.