of Opportunity

LODE’s momentum is snowballing!
Now is the time to stake your claim in the project.

Why Now?


LODE is live in the world of DeFi, connected with Avalanche Labs, and is experiencing resounding momentum within the community. In addition, LODE is now listed on two major DEXs, Trader Joe and Pangolin – with plans to list on more. With liquidity expanding and trading volume increasing, LODE’s micro-rewards are set to have their own avalanche too!

Having capitalized on significant forward momentum in the market, prices are likely to accelerate – at a chilling rate.

Be a part of the LODE Avalanche by
purchasing LODE Tokens today and solidify
those profits before you let them slide away!

Ways to Buy
with Avalanche

  1. Open your LODEapp Wallet
  2. Purchase AVAX with Simplex using the ‘Buy’ feature
  3. Trade for LODE Tokens using the ‘Trade’ feature

Other Ways to
Buy LODE Tokens

  1. Pay by wire
  2. Pay by crypto
  3. Pay by precious metals

Ready to cozy up to some profits this season?


Contact Tom, Vice President
North American Sales

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