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Imagine that your organization has been struggling with a problem for a long, long time. Occasionally, the problem goes away; but, it inevitably reappears. People are frustrated with this reoccurring and costly challenge.

You return to work after celebrating the new year AND the problem is still there, waiting for you!

Can’t think of a problem in your world? Allow me to jog your thinking with a few ideas:

  • Perhaps your reoccurring challenge is a technology solution that isn’t quite working right. The organization has invested a lot of money, people have spent countless hours, yet it just doesn’t work as promised.
  • Maybe it is a performance concern that has yet to be resolved. At times, it seems under control and things are going well, then it flares up in unexpected ways.
  • It could be a customer complaint that comes and goes. Customer have valid concerns, the problem is that your team can’t determine the true source of the issue.

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