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“Gold is the currency of Kings, Silver the currency of Gentlemen, Barter the currency of Peasants, and Debt the currency of Slaves”; now we must add, “Cryptocurrency is the money of the Self-Sovereign”

A great quote from one of my favorite books, “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, is from the Fascist Pig Dictator, “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”…

This has been manifest in the financial realm through fractional reserve banking, as some private entities are granted the ability to create debt-notes at will and charge for the service of doing so. While the rest of us have to trade our time, sweat, blood, and creativity to actually earn what we call money, yet is more accurately called currency as money holds its value over time. Those that are “more equal than others” maintain that status as “Banksters” by giving their strongarm enforcers, that we call governments, effectively a “blank check” to use for the purchase of weapons to enforce this monopoly on the printing of currency.

The current disruption of this monopoly by cryptocurrencies is an evolution that will not be televised as the Emperors are not about to tell their subjects themselves that they are effectively “Naked”. Educating the slaves on how to set themselves free will not be done through public education, this information must be spread virally among the free-thinking peoples of the world. There is a quote from one of the Bankster Emporers themselves that is particularly relevant to all of us that are learning to operate as international blockchain bankers ourselves,

“Let us control the money of a country and we care not who makes its laws.” This is the maxim of the house of Rothschilds and is the foundation principle of European banks.

Yet now, every individual in the cryptocurrency realm can take control of their own money. Needing no permission from any centralized authority to do so, nor forgiveness for the exchange of “money equivalents” if they understand how to practice safe prophylactic financial intercourse using cybersecurity operational protocols. Competition for our monetary choices has arrived, but only for those willing to cease to be wards of the State and learn private blockchain banking for themselves. The whole point of this evolution is that no longer are trusted 3rd parties required and we must resist the temptation to fall back into the old paradigms.

There is an economic law called Greshem’s Law, and an interesting thing about natural laws is that they cannot be broken, one can only break oneself, or a country upon them. This rule based upon individual’s instinctive choices which states that, given a choice, people will always tend to hold on to money that holds, or increases, its value over time and choose to spend 1st the money that tends to lose value over time. Now cryptocurrencies have freed humanity from the Nation-State monopoly on the printing of money granted to those with the Gold, the Bankster Emperors ruling from behind the curtain. Their fiat debt-note crayola-currencies are for the first time in recent memory facing competition for use as a peer-to-peer medium of exchange by the populace.

Freedom of monetary choice has arrived yet most of us are as children that have never had to make these decisions for themselves, as to which money constitutes ‘Good Money’ or ‘Bad Money’. We have been effectively forced to use a privately issued, arbitrarily inflated, ‘debt-note’ as our medium of exchange. Effectively held financial captive by the Company Store and required to use Company Scrip, which I refer to as Crayola Currency as it has been issued by private entities given the exclusive legal right to create as much of it ‘out of thin air’ as they see fit, and then earn interest fees for their excercising of this privilege…

Autor: Michael Ovsen
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“Gold is the currency of Kings, Silver the currency of Gentlemen, Barter the currency of Peasants, and Debt the currency of Slaves”; now we must add, “Cryptocurrency is the money of the Self-Sovereign”

We’ve all heard the first two phrases of this statement, which highlights the four “status levels” of worldly finance. And the third and fourth most certainly resonate in current times. But now, we have a fifth – “Cryptocurrency is the money of the Self-Sovereign”

Are you ready and willing to accept the slightly higher – but still achievable level of financial independence and personal responsibility that goes with achieving financial “self-sovereignty” in the blockchain era?

If so, read on…and get ready for the epiphany you’re going to experience upon realizing that – very soon – the vehicle which could take you…one day, and millions of others, to that financial promised land we all seek, is being constructed right before our eyes at this very moment. The LODE Silver Cryptographic Monetary System is coming very soon!

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